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Jaw Crusher
MEG Jaw Crusher - Simple structure, Easy to use, Stable performance, High efficiency.

One of the most popular stone-crushing equipments in the world, Jaw Crusher is ideally suitable for primary and secondary crushing. The highest anti-pressure strength of crushed material is 320Mpa. Our design and production are of high position both at home and abroad.Jaw Crusher is mainly used to crush kinds of mining stones primarily, and the largest compression resistance of the material is 320MPa.

Working Principle of jaw crusher

This kind of jaw crusher uses motor as jaw crushers power. Through the motor's wheels, the eccentric shaft is driven by the belt and the belt wheel to make the jawstock move by a regulated track. And the materials will be crushed by the regular periodic movement .The materials between the two jaw plates will receive multi-crushing functions on the jaw plate . From the beginning, the pressure is small and the vloume of materials will be reduced when the space between the materials become closed and compact. And crush will happen when the pressure become high up when the strength materials can not bear . On the contrary, the materials will make free falling movement when the jawstock swing with the opposjaw crushere direction with the fixed jaw plate .

Main Structure of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher mainly consists of fixed & moveable parts, secure & set adjustment and other components.

1.Fixed parts : the frame is the main fixed parts of the jaw crusher and there also have two mechanic manufacture crafts :medium carbon steel cast and steel welding plate frame.The welding frame have more several steel ribs on the basis of previous cast frame, which have reached the same using effects under the strict qualjaw crusher control and specific crafts requirements.To avoid serious wearing of frame’s sidewall, the guard has been installed on both sides of thecrushing cavjaw crusher so that we can change them at any time.

2.Moveable part : jaw crusher mainly consists of jawstock, eccentric shaft, bear, belt pulley and other components, which are the main parts of jaw crusher’s transmitting and bearing capability.

  a.The jawstock consists of the bracket and moveable jaw plate and the bracket adopts the 35# cast steel, which have been adjuseted and processed.

  b.The eccentric shaft adopts the 45#steel, which have also been adjuseted and processed.

  c.The bear adopts the double-row spherical roller wit the fearures of slight adjustment, large bearing capability and durability.

  d.There have moveable and fixed jawstock.To improve the crushing effect, jaw crushers surface adopts the optimization tooth shape and the materials adopts the ZGMn13 with the advantages of high hardness, abrasion-resistance, better effects and so on.

3.Set Adjustment equipment :jaw crusher is mainly used for adjusting the size of the discharge opening so that jaw crusher can control the discharging particle size. And jaw crusher mainly has two forms, that is long wedge and prop gasket, jaw crusherh flexible and no limit adjustment.

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